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Her Eye


I recently spent some time working on a special collaboration with @oxleybob to raise important funds for @thebigcatsanctuaryuk and our subject was their resident white tiger. When we departed the Sanctuary, I knew I had to work with a white tiger again – they are so enchanting.

On the train home I began to dream of photographing a white tiger again, and decided that the aim should be to create a portrait — it should be all about their unique beauty (they lack pheomelanin; the pigment that turns fur orange) and their should be no distractions.

I finally got myself and my cameras in front of this beautiful creature a few months after initially setting eyes in a white tiger, and knew immediately that I had to be at eye level – he was laying in some tall grass, and that would provide a beautifully simple background upon which I could justice to this most beautiful creature.

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