Lady Of The Lake


I travelled to the New Forest with my best mate, Freddie, in his vintage VW Campervan. We set up camp on the edge of a large expanse of open land which was bordered by forest and had a lake in the centre. This would be home for the next week.

I knew immediately that the lake had to feature in a photograph, it was such a tranquil scene with the forest in the background, but I needed the right horse to ensure the reflection was visible and that there was enough contrast between the subject and background. I lay on the bog-like bank of the lake and hoped that one of the grazing ponies in the distance would soon need a drink. 

On the fourth time of trying, a beautiful white horse began to approach. She was obviously nervous, so I stayed low whilst she approached, and much to my delight she had a look around before drinking. That was my moment.

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