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Little Miracle


It was a real pleasure to kick 2022 off by spending an hour photographing this baby Southern White Rhinoceros.

Prior to the shoot I knew I wanted a portrait that captured the personality of this young lady, but one that also communicated the massive size difference between mother and calf.

I also knew that a full body portrait wouldn’t work — it would be too loose and the emotional impact of her face would be lost amongst the messy backdrop.

Therefore, the position of her mother would be crucial to the frame. You cannot move an adult rhino into position, the only option is to be patient, and finally things came together — the placement of mums leg in the right of the frame is perfect — it highlights the massive size difference, and the fragility of the calf.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to a new year of photography. I have to admit to feeling quite emotional when I stare at this frame — what a little miracle she is.

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