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On The Shoreline


My research introduced me to this idyllic spot on the coastline, which offers views across to the Isle Of Wight, and where there is the rare chance of spotting a horse paddling or strolling along the sand. I knew my chances were extremely slim, but I simply had to visit.

We parked our camper on the edge of the beach, and to my amazement, in the distance, there was a single horse strolling down the beach. He was very nervous, so I kept a very good distance and hid behind some boulders in the hope that he would continue his journey down the beach.

The weather was on my side when we arrived, and the Isle Of Wight was visible from the hiding spot, but I knew a storm was due to arrive in about ten minutes. If he came down the beach I would have a small window of time to get a shot of him whilst the iconic Isle was still visible.

On one front we were extremely lucky – I got the shot, on the other hand, we were extremely unlucky – the van was stuck in the sand and the storm rolled in. It was quite the experience.

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