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Reach For The Stars


My work is all about telling stories, it is my outlet for thoughts and emotions, and I certainly have plenty of both following the recent lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.⁣

When telling stories, two things are key — the background, and the subject. ⁣

I have always enjoyed and tried to take advantage of any sunlight shining through the tress, it provides a bokeh filled, dream-like background on which to tell stories. ⁣

The subject is perhaps the hardest ingredient to get right, a giraffe will do what it wants, when it wants… the only way to get the image I wanted was to wait, and wait. Waiting is made worth it when you get moments like this — it is a powerful and emotionally charged moment in time.⁣

I think the title suits the image — we must not allow the current climate to dull our dreams, we must always reach for the stars.

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