The Approach


We shot at this location, around two hundred acres of heathland, in the Spring of 2023 and I sensed that there was great potential to create something even more special if we returned in late Summer, because the heath would likely be a carpet of wild flowers.

The pigs, horses and cattle that thrive on this heathland in-turn help the heath itself to thrive, and their grazing has resulted in the germination of flora not seen in this part of Norfolk for hundreds of years — to walk among these plants and across this habitat is quite magical. 

When we returned in early September we were not disappointed – every inch of the heathland in front of us was covered in a sea of wild flower blooms, and the herd of Konik Ponies were active, and as resplendent as ever. We had the ingredients to create something special.

The ponies at this location are a tight family unit, and much of my work with them had focused on photographing their strong bonds, but I sensed that for this opportunity I needed to try and photograph a single pony. After a few hours, they began grazing an area that provided the perfect backdrop for the photograph I had in mind, it was then just a case of keeping my distance, staying low, and hoping that one of these incredible creatures stood on it’s own, and stood proud. We got there eventually, it was a beautiful day.

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