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The Emperor £250.00£1,150.00

The Thinker


Ring-tailed lemurs are famous for their striking tails, but their incredibly beautiful facial markings are often overlooked. They are incredibly beautiful creatures, and having them in front of my camera is always an experience to treasure.
Animal portraiture is a popular genre, and to release another portrait is to take a risk – it must be different, it must touch the heart of the viewer, and those are the rules I apply when I enter the field with the aim of creating a portrait. It is not easy to capture a single frame that captures soul and emotion, but the pursuit of those special frames sets my soul on fire.
In my experience, primates often display plenty of emotion, and I was certain that I had a chance to capture a portrait that did justice to the lemur.
I think this may be the strongest portrait I have taken – those eyes are piercing and full of emotion, and the placement of his right hand could not be better.

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