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Where We Winter


It has become somewhat of a tradition to begin the year by laying on the sand at a safe distance, photographing the grey and common seals along the Norfolk coastline, just a stone’s throw from our home, and this year was no different.

Several thousand seals come ashore from October to January to give birth and raise their pups, and many of those giving birth are likely to have been born on the very same stretches of sand. It is one of the most incredible natural spectacles and I can’t help but feel incredibly privileged to spend time in the presence of the colony each winter – to witness so many new lives is truly humbling.

Last year, I focused on telling the stories of the young pups, and the majestic bull seals, but this year I wanted to take a wider approach. There are roughly 1,500 adult seals on this five-mile stretch of coastline, and almost 4,000 pups will be born. The sand is always a  wonderful mosaic of individuals, all at various stages of their lives Рmothers, bulls, adolescents and pups suckling or taking their first breath.

I wanted to capture a small part of this wonderful mosaic this year, I wanted a single frame to tell a story of just how many seals we share our beaches with during the Winter. I am grateful that the sky added a little drama to the frame, but it is these most incredible creatures that steal the show.

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