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Wild World – Signed Edition

“With each day spent outdoors I am reminded of what a beautiful world we all call home, and the challenges that face ecosystems across the world.” – Alfie Bowen

“The photographs are outstanding, and the story behind them inspirational. Given the odds stacked against Alfie throughout his life, this book is a significant success and bodes very well for a continued and very inspiring career as a world-class photographer.” – Chris Packham

Alfie Bowen is an exceptionally talented young autistic photographer and wildlife activist. His latest project offers a glimpse into the private lives of numerous wild animals from across the globe and reveals the highs and lows of living as an autistic environmental campaigner.

Bowen’s photographs are truly breath-taking. Hours are invested into every piece to ensure the results are exactly as Bowen envisioned, and Bowen conducts in-depth research on every animal he captures, believing it is of the utmost importance to understand his subjects.

In this book, Bowen discusses overcoming the limitations of technology and how autism has given him the obsession needed to persevere in often cold, lonely and difficult circumstances.

From Bowen’s relation of his struggle to capture the perfect picture of a cheetah, to his majestic portraits of some of the most beloved animals on the planet, this book captures the powerful sensory experience Bowen enjoys whenever he immerses himself in nature.


“There are illustrated books that go straight to the heart, leave you speechless and humbled….and “Wild World” by Alfie Bowen is just such an illustrated book. Wildlife photography in perfection, for which there are no words, because Bowen succeeds in letting the viewer look directly into the soul of the animals with his photographs.” – Lovely Books Germany

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